A veteran rehabilitation center for addictions that helps in a variety of life problems

Achva center for addictions, the oldest in its field and most qualified.

Drug addiction is a phenomenon that is liable to harm all segments of the population, and at all ages, it is deteriorating and may affect people in various areas of life – emotional, social, family, economic.


Drug addiction may  also affect the addicted person – parents, siblings, children, spouses, friends …

If you are a drug addict or you are debating whether you are an addict, if someone around you uses drugs and sells them, contact us today

It is important to remember that drug addiction will not stop on its own, but with the appropriate help it can be treated!

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Achva Center is a private and unique treatment center, the oldest in its field, which offers treatment for people suffering from a wide variety of addictions and mental illness.

The center provides every patient with all the support he needs in order to cope with his sensitive and delicate condition, in a loving family environment and in a unique therapeutic approach in addition to the 12-step approach, which takes into account every aspect of such situations.


The Center operates in a wide range of treatment tracks – from individual conversations to a comprehensive framework that includes accommodation.

We deal with an extension of addictions and mental problems – drug rehab, alcohol withdrawal, pill rehab (prescription drugs), gambling rehab, rehab shopping, rehab from computer games, rehab from NICE GAI.

At the Center we will emphasize quality, purposeful and intensive activity.


The center believes and operates in the spirit of the 12 steps and is directed by professionals in the fields of psychiatry and therapy.

The treatment of the center proves itself in the number of its successes –  success is measured by the continuation of avoidance, the quality of life, and the continued development and healthy growth of our graduates.

In our center we work according to a method that we developed, which is proven and successful in supporting and organizing people suffering from a wide range of addictions and mental illness.

Another prominent advantage of the Achva Center is the segmentation of the population and the small, family and unique framework that enables a warm, family, purposeful and intensive atmosphere.


We see a combination of our unique work and the common step in the 12-step path as a safe way towards a healthier life.

Stage II – "Achva" – is an array of treatment for adults, and a wide variety of populations and illnesses, such as addictions, problems of functioning and emotional problems.

The treatment and rehabilitation offered to each patient are adapted to him personally. These treatments combine traditional treatment methods, guidance and guidance from the world of organic counseling and development, along with the unique 12-step approach to treating addictions.


Achva Center is a private treatment center operated under professional supervision and without compromising the confidentiality of patients.

The talented and experienced staff, some of whom have more than 30 years of experience, possess interdisciplinary knowledge, from worlds such as social work, psychiatry and psychology, criminology, bio-feedback, organizational and economic counseling, nutrition, philosophy, law and ethics.


Contact us :

Office :+972-72-392-2590